A Symphony of Archives

Sound performance
In the context of Sonic Matter Festival
Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich

A Symphony of Archives is a musical composition and sound performance by the Moroccan artist Abdellah M. Hassak presented in the context of the festival Sonic Matter (2022). With an investigative and experimental approach, the artist explores the audiovisual archives, diaries and sounds of certain territories in order to reactivate their memory and read it in the light of the actions of colonialism to which they have been subjected. The performance is an invitation for visitors to a suspended listening that simultaneously questions the meaning of re-writing process and practices of de-colonisation. The act is realized in collaboration with the pianist Tamriko Kordzaia through a live execution of a data score elaborated by a software from old archives of colonial French newspaper disseminated in Morocco.

The performance is curated by Zaira Oram [Francesca Ceccherini, Eleonora Stassi]


Abdellah M. Hassak (1984, MA) is a sound artist, new media and music producer as well as art director. His research explores processes of participative sonic mapping at the urban level, integrating sound, daily technologies and radio as tools to foster agency in inhabitants' narrations of their environment. His work takes the form of performances and installations that include sound objects. This approach often involves transformative aspects of sound that are linked to concepts such as soundscape, resonance, frequency and noise, and new technologies. Abdellah has been collaborating with many institutions and cultural spaces in Morocco and abroad in radiophonic and sound practice, such as Esad Grenoble / Esav Marrakech / Mudawanat - Culture Resource / Qanat Collective / Dar Bellarj / Think Tanger / e-Joussour - Radio impact. He launched the Radio and Archive sound platform Mahattat Radio and develops a musical syncretic Afrofuturism music with field recordings practice as a Producer/DJ. He is co-founder of 4S', a Moroccan NGO which carries the FeMENA project, dedicated to the professionalization of women in the electronic music sector.

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