OTO SOUND MUSEUM constitutes in a collection of sound works. The recognition and conservation of works of intangible nature is one of the missions that characterized the museum since its foundation. The presentation of soundscapes in the museum marks their entry into the collection, which also becomes an archive for consultation available to anyone interested, including researchers, curators or institutions.

In 2021 OTO SOUND MUSEUM initiates its collection with the works of: Paloma Ayala (1980, Mexico), Ari Benjamin Meyers (1972, USA), Axel Crettenand (1989, Switzerland), Magda Drozd (1987, Poland), Vanessa Heer (1989, Switzerland), Jurczok 1001 (1974, Switzerland), Polisonum (Italy), Luca Resta (1982, Italy), Jo Thomas (1972, England), Zimoun (1977, Switzerland).
The works will be presented and updated in this archive over the course of the year.

To consult the collection and the archive, please write to