OTO SOUND MUSEUM is a nomadic space designed to host invisible works. It produces, presents and collects recent or unpublished sound works by contemporary artists from different backgrounds, geographies and generations.

The museum was born digitally as an iconoclastic environment and utopian architecture to host sound shows on the present platform, one at a time and in a specific space frame. It also travels across different places in the physical realm, transforming its identity along the way.

OTO SOUND MUSEUM was founded in 2020 as a strategy to overcome the cultural limitations due to the pandemic and as a space for spreading voices and sound experimentation. It comes from the desire to reflect on the recent visual phenomenology and generate experiences of proximity through what is not visible or distant.

The museum constantly questions the concept of migration through the sound, a language characterized by the aptitude to travel, disseminate, protest and overcome the given borders and the many walls of our civilization.

OTO preserves an archive of sound works implemented over time.

We are going to be loud again!

OTO SOUND MUSEUM is a project curated by ZAIRA ORAM.