Abdellah M. Hassak, 28th May – 31st July 2022
Anna Raimondo, 5th September – 27th October 2022
Larissa Araz, 7th November – 30th December 2022

Where: OTO, left sphere


Stirnimann-Stojanovic, 6th May 2022
Magda Drozd, 2nd July 2022
Gilles Aubry, 21st October – 27th November 2022

Where: Wasserturm, Badweg 21 – 8001 Zurich

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Zimoun, Various vibrating materials, 21st January – 20th February 2021
Luca Resta, Urban Sound #6 ⁄⁄ Gripia City, 21st February – 20th March 2021
Paloma Ayala, Mestiza y Migrante CumbiaMix, 21st March – 20th April 2021
Jo Thomas, Massive Angels, 21st April – 20th May 2021
Jurczok 1001, unemployed hero, 21st May – 20th June 2021
Magda Drozd, Preludes for the Post-Normal, 21st June – 20th July 2021
Polisonum, PASSI 13”36’, 21st September – 20th October 2021
Ari Benjamin Meyers, Serious Immobilities (Module 4/Instrumental Version), 21st October – 20th November 2021
Axel Crettenand, Turbulence in C minor, 21st November – 20th December 2021
Vanessa Heer, Ghostly Matters!, 21st January – 20th February 2022


LOUDREADING in the situated kitchen, Paloma Ayala, live performance, MigrationsMuseum, Zurich, 30th May 2021
Jurkzok 1001, live performance, La Voirie, Biel/Bienne, 11th June 2021
Mouvement, Polisonum, live performance, Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen, 11th September 2021
SOUNDATA, Axel Crettenand, Mayar El Bakry & Joanna Selinger, la rada, Locarno, 29th October – 27th November 2021