LOUDREADING in the situated kitchen

Sound performance
Artist's garden, Zurich

"Capturing and preserving living sound is as much an ancient ambition, as protecting what makes us survive. In archiving sound as an act of preservation, the captor of sound is taking care of those who listen." Paloma Ayala

LOUDREADING in the situated kitchen is the first intervention by OTO SOUND MUSEUM taking place with the Mexican artist Paloma Ayala as participative action and ritual. LOUDREADING in the situated kitchen is a reclamation of that mystical moment of carrying sound in a box, in a 'Zongzi' (a special dish made of rice, home-made ingredients, wrapped in bamboo) meaning that each person who interacted, contributed to the power of this practice as an ingredient and instigator of a collective voice. The sound performance has its first experimental reading session through a shared lunch in which everyone is invited to participate while eating.

The sound performance is curated by Zaira Oram [Francesca Ceccherini, Eleonora Stassi]


Paloma Ayala (b. 1980, Matamoros, Mexico) is a visual artist interested in empowering the relationship between domestic living strategies and political contexts. She is a diaspora mother and a mestiza daughter whose work fictionalizes historical, ecological or social problematics as means of analysis and critique. Paloma´s projects nourish visions of connection and dreams of emancipation. Her favorite spaces to work range from kitchen to river shore, from international crossing bridge to agricultural land, from community meeting to aquelarre. Paloma’s work is rooted in her home, the eastern US/MX border landscapes, simultaneously blooming in her current base in Zurich.

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