Sound performance
Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen

In collaboration with Sinfonieorchester St.Gallen, OTO SOUND MUSEUM presents the performance Mouvement by the artistic collective POLISONUM who realises the utopian live version of the piece for the first time at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen (CH).
In 2018 the artists composed the sound piece Mouvement reworking the minuet k94 written and performed by W. A. Mozart in 1770 in Bologna during his first trip to Italy, when he was only fourteen. The piece Mouvement is characterized by a process of time-stretching, which has subjected the original minuet to an expansion of 248 years, the time that separates us from the day of the first run to the present time. The result has a diaphanous character offered by notes elongated in ethereal sonority, containing a memory that asks our hearing to listen far in time.
In 2021 Polisonum experiments by proposing the live execution of the score Mouvement obtained from the utopian writing of the time-stretched minuet. The sound performance includes the participation of eight string instrument musicians from the Sinfonieorchester St.Gallen (double basses, cellists, violists, violinists), who are asked to play keeping the deformed notes in a prolonged sound, challenging the limits of musical instruments and the conventional rules through which they are normally played, as well as the capabilities of the human body’s resistance.
The performance is presented in the frame of part of the Neustart-Festival, St.Gallen.

Performers from Sinfonieorchester St.Gallen – Violins: Oriana Kriszten, Gwendoline Rouiller Steiger / Violas: Igor Keller, Piotr Baik / Cellos: Ning Liang, Maria-Christina Flüge / Doublebass: Simon Hartmann, Grigori Katz / Thanks to: Karl Schimke

The sound performance is curated by Zaira Oram [Francesca Ceccherini, Eleonora Stassi]


Polisonum (Filippo Lilli, Donato Loforese) is an artistic collective using sound as a method and device of investigation to explore processes and metamorphoses linked to the present time. It is characterized by a research-based approach directed at listening to and interpreting the spaces in which it operates through sound installations and performative acts in strong dialogue with visual languages. Thanks to its hybrid identity, Polisonum realizes projects that feed on a practice of study and analysis in relation to other fields of knowledge. Polisonum's work has been shown in several institutions and festivals, among others: Una boccata d'arte (AV), Fondazione Volume (RM), Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen (CH), Palazzo Altemps (RM), Palazzo Pallavicini (BO), Romaeuropa Festival (RM), OTO Sound Museum Zurich (CH), The Others (TO). The collective collaborates with La Sapienza University of Rome Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering on the Green Network project for the Public Space Biennial. In 2018 Polisonum received the Special "Utopia" Award of the Talent Prize and in 2016 the Best Unpublished Work Award during The Others. Over time the collective has released several vinyls, among the latest Passi 13'36'' in collaboration with the artist Alfredo Pirri.

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