Wasserturm, Zurich
Address: Badweg 10, 8001-CH

In 2023, the artist and musician Yanik Soland is invited to perform live inside the Wasserturm (water tower), in order to create a 'heartbeat' that can contribute to make it a living organism emerging from a centuries-old silence. Soliloquy is inspired by meditation practices and local siren tests. Inside the tower, the artist plays an acoustic narrative using his self-build instrument ASMR KOTO, a transformed table-zengarden from his Japanese grandmother, distorted voice and a modular synthesiser. Through the windows and the door of the tower he amplifies and enlarges his small gestures on the instruments using speakers facing the environment nearby, developing a new relationship between the imperceptible and the perceived. The public is invited to meditate in the urban space by lying on mats placed around the tower.

The performance is curated by Zaira Oram [Francesca Ceccherini, Eleonora Stassi]


(b. 1990, CH) Yanik Soland works as a musician and artist in Basel, CH.
As a bass player he was touring with bands like MIR and Zaperlipopette! all over Europe and Japan. In the last few years his focus turned to modular synthesis, self build instruments and composing music for theater and radio. His debut LP YUKI has been released in Summer 2021 with Futura Resistenza Records, NL. YUKI—the name Soland’s parents had planned to give him, if he were a girl—is Japanese for snow, snow-princess or luck, and is here used as an alter ego within Soland's practice. YUKI’s touchstones include Laurie Spiegel, Mark Fisher, Ruins, Dean Blunt, Maryanne Amacher, Tyler The Creator, Heather Leigh and Györgi Ligeti.

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