Derrière la mer is a sound composition by the artist Anna Raimondo, result of research that sees the texts of the Bible and the Koran meet on a common ground: the sea. The sound piece interweaves voices that compare different cultures, languages and geographies, suggesting how the two sacred texts have numerous shared references traceable in the vastness of the sea. Indeed, the sea becomes the lowest common denominator, synonymous with cultural contact and mutual reflection. Invited to imagine and move between different idioms, the listener is called upon to take the time to traverse the piece, in an intimate encounter with the sound that simultaneously embraces the sacred and the profane, beliefs and visions that belong to human beings regardless of any creed. Like a contemporary opera, Derrière la mer is accompanied by a 'booklet', accessible within the digital show on this platform. Performed by Edyta Jerząb and Jérôme Porsperger, written and composed by Anna Raimondo, the work can be listened to in the mere flow of its words, which recall both a historical geography and a geographical history - the Mediterranean - which can be recognized and re-read in the beauty of an encounter, of a touch.

Anna Raimondo

(b. 1981, Italy) lives in Brussels and works internationally. Raimondo uses voice and listening as a platform for encounter, collaboration and exchange, as tools for the diffraction of identity. Questioning the limits between private and public, between genders and their connotations, she activates or deconstructs cultural practices to encourage and reveal the inherent potentials of fluidity in identity. She completed an MA in Sound Arts at the London College of Communication (UAL, London, UK) and runs a practice-based Phd between Arba (Royale Académie de Beaux Arts) and ULB University in Brussels (BE) “New genders of listening: voices, silences, bodies and territories”. She has participated in several international solo and collective exhibitions including: “Biennale Nova” at The Centre Wallonie Bruxelles International à Paris (FR); “Brussels Universelle” at Centrale for Contemporry Art (BE); “Io dico Io” at the Galleria Nazionale Roma (IT); manifesta13 Marseille in 2020 (FR); the solo show  “Fronte Nazionale Naso Partenopeo” at Albumarte in 2020 (Roma, IT); “Signale - Espaces Réciproques” at the Friche la Belle de Mai in 2020 (Marseille, FR); “Nada que declarar"  at Matienzo in 2019 (Buenos Aires, AR); “Seremos serias de la manera más alegre” at Casa del Bicentenario in 2018 (Buenos Aires, AR); the collective show “Africa is not an island” at MACAAL Museum in 2018 (Marrakech, MA); “Biennale de Casablanca” in 2018 (MA); the 13th Dakar Biennal in 2018 (SN); “New boundaries of the wellness of vagynal ecosystem” at TEA Museum in 2018 (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, ES) and at Ex Elettrofonica Gallery in 2017 (Rome, IT); documenta14 at SAVVY Gallery en 2017 (DE) ; “Nous serions sérieuses de la manière la plus heureuse” at Le Cube in 2017 (Rabat, MA); “Mi porti al mare?”  at the MAAC  in 2016 (Brussels, BE); Tsonami Sound Arts Festival in 2017 (Valparaiso, CH); “loading…casa" in the frame of the Dubai Design Week in 2017 ; “You must change your life” at Stuk in 2015 (Leuven, BE); “Everyone has a sense of rhythm” at the Draf in 2015 (London, GB); the Marrakech Biennial in 2014 (MA); etc. She has been selected as artist for the Imera- Etudes Avances residency in Marseille (FR) in 2021 and won the prize of the city in the frame of the contemporary art prize Médiatine in 2018 and the Palma Ars Acustica in 2016.

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