Mestiza y Migrante CumbiaMix is a declaration of intent by Paloma Ayala in collaboration with Elimix. It is an invitation to retrace every gesture and to rethink the mobile tradition and culture that we carry in our hands in every migration. Behind this work are several female figures, mainly mothers and artists. Resistant and strong, working women. Zurich-based Mexican artist Paloma Ayala is the creator of this journey into Mestiza cuisine, the cuisine of traditional dishes mixed with contemporary circumstances. Cumbia is a popular form of entertainment in the Latin communities living in the USA. A sound form that contains a great ingredient of belonging and empowerment. This Cumbia is a gift from women to other women. An invitation to believe in the importance of one's role. A voice to defend ourselves against all violence.

Paloma Ayala

(b. 1980, Matamoros, Mexico) is a visual artist interested in empowering the relationship between domestic living strategies and political contexts. She is a diaspora mother and a mestiza daughter whose work fictionalizes historical, ecological or social problematics as means of analysis and critique. Paloma´s projects nourish visions of connection and dreams of emancipation. Her favorite spaces to work range from kitchen to river shore, from international crossing bridge to agricultural land, from community meeting to aquelarre. Paloma’s work is rooted in her home, the eastern US/MX border landscapes, simultaneously blooming in her current base in Zurich.

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