Wasserturm, Zurich
Address: Badweg 10, 8001-CH

Interdisciplinary artist IPek shapes a collective experience combining her traditional singing practice with reflections on the symbolic meaning of water and its role in our society. As a singer, the artist works with the healing traditions of water in folk music from different geographies. On the other hand, as an activist, she constantly questions the growing ecological crises that we partly cause with our consumption habits. IPek accompanies the listeners on this empirical as well as sonic journey as if they were all together on a boat: sometimes listening to a sinister song while sailing down the river of the underworld and at other times pouring water to say goodbye to our beloved in a village in Anatolia.

The performance is curated by Zaira Oram [Eleonora Stassi]


IPek is an activist who expresses her thoughts through performance, design, writing, music and artwork. IPek draws attention to various social phenomena, combining issues she finds problematic with familiar but unexpected elements. Its themes are: Queer feminism, environment, system change, migration and displacement.
Born in Istanbul (1980) and raised in Hungary, IPek earned two degrees in Film Theory and History and Art Theory in Budapest. IPek completed her first master's degree as a philologist of aesthetics in Budapest and her second master's degree as a Master of Fine Arts at Zhdk. For many years she has been staging her socio-theoretical texts and popular songs in various Swiss theaters, such as Dampfzentrale, Roxy-Basel and Kaserne.

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