PASSI 13”36', Polisonum
13m 36s, sound

PASSI is a walkable mirrored surface, a site specific work by the artist Alfredo Pirri. It is a lake of mirrors that reflects and expands space, disorients to seek a new orientation, distorts and overturns reality to offer new perspectives of observation, thanks to a vital process that feeds on the steps of those who cross this border made of reality and illusion. Each step defines a transformation of space and the reflected image, which is shattered, millesimated and finally pulverized with the passage of time. As result of a collective and individual action, the break determines the spatial perception and simultaneously becomes our sign of existence.
PASSI 13"36 'is the sound work presented in OTO SOUND MUSEUM created by Polisonum, who collected and composed the sound given by the action of the breaking of the steps generated on the work of Pirri. The composition is the result of a dramaturgy that returns the portrait of experience, movement, passage. Made up of unpredictable acoustic signs, creaks, crunches, crackles and rhythmic accents, the sonority of PASSI 13"36' becomes the restitution of a threshold as tangible as it is interior: that border between the real and the apparent that we are invited here to tread, twist and overcome through sound.

The work PASSI 13"36' – also recorded on vinyl in a limited edition as result of the collaboration between Alfredo Pirri and Polisonum – was created in 2019 at Palazzo Altemps in Rome where Pirri's work was set up under a sixteenth-century loggia.


Filippo Lilli (b. 1987, Italy), Donato Loforese (b. 1984, Italy) and Federico Peliti (b. 1983, Italy) – is an artistic research collective that uses sound as a method and investigation device to explore the metamorphosis in the history and contemporaneity, as well as in landscapes and geographies. Polisonum stands out for its research aimed at listening and interpreting the places and the times in which it operates through installations and performances. The collective, made up of figures that intersect different disciplines - such as visual arts, sound engineering and technology - places the relationship with space and its sound flows at the center of its practice, solicitation for researching and the realization of works that become sonic portraits, containers of stories, sound transcription of data, transformations. Polisonum work was presented in festivals and institutions, among others: Castello di Gesualdo, Una Boccata d’arte Festival (IT 2021), Fondazione Volume (IT 2020), In Vitro Matera (IT 2019), Roma Europa Festival (IT 2018), Blooming Festival (IT 2018), Palazzo Pallavicini (IT 2018), i8 Art Verona (IT 2017). They received a special mention at the Talent Prize in 2018 (Utopia Prize).

21 September – 20 October 2021

OTO SOUND MUSEUM constitutes in a collection of sound works. The recognition and conservation of works of intangible nature is one of the missions that characterized the museum since its foundation. The presentation of soundscapes in the museum marks their entry into the collection, which also becomes an archive for consultation available to anyone interested, including researchers, curators or institutions.

PASSI 13”36', 2021
Polisonum (1987, IT)

Headphones or speakers recommended.

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