Turbulence in C minor, Axel Crettenand
12m 00s, sound

Turbulence in C minor is a sound sample collected from the installation Chaotic arrangement for 66 voices (2021) by Axel Crettenand, an apparatus designed to translate the chaotic behavior of temperature into a choir of human voices. The process comes to life in a volume of water that reminds a monochrome monolith, embodiment of a scientific direction: data are collected through thermometers spread in the water and sent to a program specifically designed to translate the temperature information into MIDI notes in real time, which are ultimately synthesized into voices. The outcome is a sound orchestration that intertwines and overlaps different voices, chords and notes giving rise to a random and unpredictable harmony that does not respond to any musical writing, nor to any previous score. Instead, it is the immediate result of the unrepeatability of a chaotic process that manifests itself in the turbulent oscillations of the water’s temperature collected at a given time and place. Here then, behind the choral vocalism that belongs to the human being, there is a scientific process; a passage is opened up, allowing spirituality and science to meet while the relationship between man and machine is once again tickled. The sound piece Turbulence in C minor, recorded in October 2021, was not the subject of any post-production nor compositional intervention. During its recording the apparatus was installed in a semi-dark room. To listen to it, close your eyes or turn off the light!

Axel Crettenand

Axel Crettenand (1989, CH) is a research-based multimedia artist and inventor based in Zurich. Initially focused on photography and video experimentations, his practice evolved to include voices, sounds and texts into generative installations. He constantly intertwines the artistic and scientific research and he is also interested in the manifestations of contemporary spiritualities. Among the last inquiries resulted in a commented atlas of images, The Obsession Of The Form, that investigate and speculate on the relationship between God and mathematics.
He graduated at ECAL (Lausanne) where he obtained his bachelor's degree in Photography and later he got his master's degree in Fine Arts from ZHdK (Zurich).
Among the exhibitions: Life Lines, Johann Jacobs Museum, 2020-21, Zürich (CH), Small Project for Coming Communities, House of the Catholic Church, 2019, Stuttgart (DE), Tiny show, 2018, ZHdK, Zürich (CH), Dix ans d’EnQuête photographique valaisanne, 2018, Médiathèque Valais (CH), Lab Photography Research, 2018, ateliers de Bellevaux, Lausanne (CH), 21st price of the Young Talents in photography, 2017, Oslo@Buro, Basel (CH), High, 2014, théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne (CH), Too Cool For School, 2012, Spazio Orso, Milan (IT). In 2019 he won the ZHdK-Avina Project Fund to realize the participative performance The Green Spirits.

21 November - 20 December 2021

OTO SOUND MUSEUM constitutes in a collection of sound works. The recognition and conservation of works of intangible nature is one of the missions that characterized the museum since its foundation. The presentation of soundscapes in the museum marks their entry into the collection, which also becomes an archive for consultation available to anyone interested, including researchers, curators or institutions.

Turbulence in C minor, 2021
Axel Crettenand (1989, CH)

Close your eyes, turn off the light.

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