OTO SOUND MUSEUM is a nomadic space dedicated to fostering sound experimentation and amplifying voices. Founded with the mission of producing, disseminating, and collecting recent or unpublished sound works, the museum invites contemporary artists from different backgrounds, geographies and generations.

Iconoclastic in nature, the museum was born digitally in 2020 as a utopian architecture aiming to host sound exhibitions accessible on this platform from all over the world. Simultaneously, OTO SOUND MUSEUM migrates through different places in the urban context of Switzerland and beyond, transforming its identity along the way. Among its objectives is the regeneration and interrogation of residual spaces of historical relevance through performative and installative interventions.

Rooted in the observation of our visually saturated contemporary landscape, the museum turns to sound as its focal language aims to explore the intersection of listening and imaginative experiences. By facilitating proximity with what remains unseen or unheard, sound acts as a powerful gear for both artistic and political expression. Building upon this semantic dimension, OTO SOUND MUSEUM directs its research endeavors, developing displays while also preserving a collection of sound pieces.

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